fear in fragment

Leslie has concerns about bias, fear and fragmentation in our society.  With this exhibit, she threw an artistic spotlight on a part of our society where fear and barriers are common, our justice system.  
Leslie spent four years painting portraits of prison inmates, former inmates, officials in the justice system that jailed the inmates and "regular" people.  The officials included judges, lawyers, social workers and police.  
The fear in fragment exhibit fills a small room.  Viewers have difficulty telling who are the inmates, who are the justice officials and who are the "regulars".  That's the point.  Leslie believes that our justice system reflects a breakdown in communication and understanding on all three sides.  Her art gives a glimpse of the common ground that everyone in the justice system and in our society shares.  
From: Hiway16 Magazine

Gerald Anderson Jan Francis
Jason Gallant John Yuille
Melodie Newfield Peter Lawson
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